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We are the DDM Digital Solutions a product-oriented software developing company experienced in e-Gov services 

Speed & Security

Flexibility & Scalability

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With the Right Software, Great Things Can Happen

#1 mobile APP to check and pay traffic tickets online:

  • Cares about your and family’s fines  

  • Offers smart car insurance

  • Determines the rate of driving behaviour and gives bonus for excellent driving

  • Provides perfect customer support


What We Offer

We are a EU fintech company with more than five years of proven commercial success. We have developed one of the most popular mobile APPs for traffic tickets and car Insurance. We collect big data on drivers behaviour. We are looking for opportunities in the EU countries to integrate our services and to provide best possible experience to society and the state.


e-Gov products

Traffic tickets and Car insurance for drivers. The payment and information service for drivers, as well as owners of motor pools. It allows to see drivers' details in one place. Managing takes less time, and the payment process is significantly accelerated.


Business 2 Business Solutions

A service for business that allows a legal entity to track and pay tickets of the company's fleets (DHL, JTI, EFES and etc). The service can help corporate manager to find out the payment status of related fines and to avoid legal consequences or overpayments.


Big Data and safety driving

The data allows to improve safety rate of traffic. We are eager to provide our sustainable platform for the driving behavior monitoring, scoring and variety of reward programs. 


We know when the driver is distracted to his phone and the exact speed he is driving.


How can these data be applied at the state level?

 - identification of dangerous sections of the road with high accident rate

 - reward system

 - integration with road management systems


Payment Gateway for e-Gov 

We have also developed our own gateway for online payment, and we have already implemented it for e-gov, fines and traffic tickets payment and car insurance for drivers.


Customer Support 
Execution Excellence 

DDM is a range of services that connect drivers with government agencies and provide the highest level of communication by telling the truth and simplifying the hard stuff. We act as a friend who crosses the bridge between society and the state, to help deal with bureaucracy and save time and money.


File Sharing

Total Design

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